Laser Debit cards are a fast growing means of Online Casino payments, with over 1.2 million customers a month. Launched in 1996 Laser Debit Cards are a first choice for online casino payment methods enabling you to top up your online casino account with absolute ease and comfort.

Laser Debit Cards the most widely used from of debit card system in the Republic of Ireland where it was created and is supported by virtually all of its major financial institutions. The Laser Debit Card works as a kind of electronic check and is often doubled up with other features such as Maestro enabling ATM use as well.

In terms of your online gaming needs and your casino payment methods, the Laser Debit Card acts like a point of sale card as any credit card does. For none-Irish based casinos, the card will work as a Maestro Card whilst Irish based casinos will use the Laser Debit Card as usual. Unfortunately, at this juncture in time the Laser Debit Card is not available to non-Irish residents.

Online casinos which are based or licensed in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar or the Netherlands will happily accept this form of payment and the list will grow if the card has a Maestro logo displayed. Due to the fact that this card is based in Ireland, it is preferred by local vendors who are glad to accept this form of payment without having to deal with foreign exchange rates.

In practicality the Laser Debit Card offers 24 hour access to your bank account, enabling constant control over your funds and transfers. When you wish to top up your online gaming account, simply go to the payment methods section of the casino or poker site and select the Laser Debit Card option. Not all sites offer payment via this method; however lists of casinos and poker rooms that do accept Laser Debit Card Payment are available online along with reviews just by carrying out a simple internet search.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28