Technology is a product of modernization, and convenience is an off spring of technology. A very powerful arena for funds transfer has been the internet. There are many players in the market offering online funds transfer services. All of them have their pros and cons. Yet, for high value money transfers, people generally like to go with a secure, reliable, and authentic mechanism like ePassporte.

Customers get all the features mentioned above and more at ePassporte. ePassporte allows users to transfer funds to and from their accounts in online casinos conveniently. Ease of use and simplicity are the two value propositions that ePassporte offers customers. It is a revolutionary concept that provides integration with Visa Credit Card and Visa Virtual. This enables ePassporte account holders to transfer their amounts to and from other ePassporte account holders through the online checking system.

In addition, account holders can make a wire transfer anywhere around the globe. Moreover, the ePassporte account holders can withdraw their funds from online casinos in real time without incurring any expense. They can transfer the funds directly into their bank accounts. Alternatively, they can also withdraw the funds through any of the one million Visa ATMs located worldwide.

Since the ePassporte system is connected to Visa, it gives an incredible freedom to users to transfer funds to and from any bank in the United States. Users can directly create an online casino account and make transactions to be able to play. At the same time, they can be a hundred percent sure about the security and reliability of funds transfer taking place over the internet.

There is a nominal charge for sending money to any other ePassporte account holders. These work out to a mere US $0.25 per transaction for a maximum of five transfers per day. There is no fee for the receivers. For users who want to withdraw their funds, the charge is a flat fee of US $2 per transfer to a United States’ bank. For Non-US bank account holders, the chargers are higher. They can opt for the wire transfer facility for US $50 per transaction.

Using their ePassporte accounts, online casino players can transferring funds by just typing out a simple text message to ePassporte. This service also entails a nominal fee of US $0.25 per text message. This is an easy way of ensuring your funds are transferred as per your requirements to or from the online casino accounts.

So how does one open a Visa Virtual account to make use of the benefits of ePassporte? United States users can open a Visa Virtual Account for no fee for the first year. Every subsequent year, they are charged US $5 for renewal.

To sum it up, using ePassporte to manage your online casino accounts is an easy, reliable, secure, and authentic way of sending and receiving money online. It means you no longer are dependent only on your credit card for online transactions. You can now undertake all your transactions in real time, without worrying about security issues and/or other such pain areas, e.g. fretting about whether your checks have reached the company, why a particular transaction is taking an unusually long time to complete, etc., so you can focus on what you came to the casino for in the first place: playing, having fun, and winning!

Edi Wallace – Copywriter 2007-08-28