Baccarat is game played in online casino gambling, that incorporates both luck and strategy. Online casino Baccarat odds are used to calculate the chances of winning and how the betting should be done.

The probability of a player’s hand winning in online casinos Baccarat is 44.62%. This means the losing probability for any player is 45.85%, and the probability of a tie game between the player and the banker is 9.53%. Online casinos Baccarat odds are thus possibly the best winning odds of all the online casino games, and this has remained true for all Baccarat history.

If you disregard the possibility of the tie, then the banker’s hand will win for under 51 percent of the time. This means the online casinos house edge is less than 2%! Baccarat odds in every online casino are 1.4%. The money the casino makes is through the commissions on winning banker betting. This is one of the most attracting features about online Baccarat, and it explains why the game draws so many players in.

In any case, Baccarat odds are slightly larger for the online casino banker bets, and this is why it is preferred if you bet on the banker instead of on the player. House edge and Baccarat odds for tie bets are really bad, and stand at 14%, and this is why you should try to avoid making them, even if the payout is 8 to 1.

To use online casinos Baccarat odds correctly, and follow the rules of Baccarat correctly, determine your loss limits before you enter the online casino, and this why you’ll prevent unnecessary losses, and possibly win a hefty sum.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2006-08-02