Roulette Rules – Learn How to Play Roulette

The roulette Rules are quite simple – you place your bets on the roulette table and the dealer will then spin the roulette ball. The ball can stop on one of 36 or 37 slots, depending if your playing an American or European roulette, and according to the bets you’ve made you may win or lose.

If you want to learn how to play roulette you must only learn the different bets possible at the roulette table at live or online casinos. Each type of bet has different kind of payout and odds, this mean that ‘learn how to play roulette’ only means that you need to be familiar with the roulette’s type of bets.

How to Play Roulette Abstract

  • Take a seat at the roulette table.
  • Buy colored chips from the dealer.
  • Place your chips on the table according to the bet you want to make.
  • The dealer will then spin the roulette ball and you can move your bets but not after the dealer announces “no more bets”.
  • The ball will stop on a number and the dealer will take all lost bets and will pay the winners according to the bets they’ve placed.

The Bets and the Table

When you play online roulette you need not to bother about your chips, since online casinos can tell which are your chips with their advanced software, but when you play in a live casino instead of an online casino then you must purchase your own chips at the roulette table. The roulette rules don’t allow bringing outside-chips. Since roulette is a fast-rate game many times huge sums of money are placed on the table, in order to help players and the dealer to handle with the money then each player is assigned with his own chips that vary from others in color.

There are different kind of bets you can make:
inside and outside bets. The inside bets include the Straight-Up Bet, Split bet, Row bet, Corner bet, basket bet and the Double Street bet. The Outside bets are simpler and they consist of the Dozens bet, Column bet, Red/Black bet, Even bet and the Low/High Bet. The majority of roulette rules speak of these bets, beside them roulette is not a hard game to play and it is very easy to learn how to play roulette.

Before you play live or online roulette you should learn the above bets – the payouts and the odds they present. If you want to play online roulette and to practice your skills then you can play at our collection of online casinos (you can also learn how to play roulette by the practical experience gained by playing in online casinos).

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2006-03-16