An Introduction to the Roulette Table

If you do not know how to play Roulette and are viewing an online Roulette table for the first time, you may find it to be quite a sight. The Roulette table layout appears, at first glance, a very complex affair, with a large number of boxes and a wheel on it.

However, while the table itself may appear complicated, the game itself actually is not, and learning about the layout of the roulette table and the functions of the different elements on it is essential and quite easy.

The Roulette Table Layout

The main section of a Roulette table has a three-column area consisting of 36 neatly laid out boxes. These boxes are in two colors – red and black – and are arranged in a sequence. Besides these three columns with 36 boxes, there are two additional boxes that house the zeroes.

The two additional boxes you see in the Roulette table layout, unlike the boxes in the columns, are green in color. The shape of these boxes is also different; they are not rectangular. These boxes are located towards the lead end of the columns.
The outer boxed sections are types of bets one can make.

These are the outside bets available:

  • 1 to 18: low bet- a bet on the first eighteen numbers
  • 19 to 36: high bet a bet the last high eighteen numbers
  • Red or Black: a bet on which color the number is on the roulette wheel
  • Even or Odd: a bet on an even or odd number.
  • Dozen Bets: a bet on the first (1-12), second (13-24), or third group (25-36) of twelve numbers.
  • Column Bets: a bet on all 12 numbers on any of the three vertical lines (such as 1-4-7-10 on down to 34).
  • The last and critical component of the Roulette table layout is the wheel. This wheel is what decides finally whether the numbers you bet on win or lose. In an online casino, the spinning of the wheel is an automated act and its final resting position is determined automatically, without any manual intervention.

    Now you have a brief idea on the roulette table layout, you can read further into our guide to get a full explanation on how to place the different types of bets, its payouts, and your odds.

    Have fun!