Because online casinos slots games do not have a lot of playing options, using slots odds is of the greatest importance. Moreover, because there is an abundance of different types of slots, each with their own slots rules, you can have very different odds for each game, making some of the slot machines more profitable than others.

The slots odds are viewed by players through the online casinos payoff percentage. As a rule, the closer this figure is to 100%, the better your slots odds are.

With free slots, the online casinos slots odds are of little importance, because you are playing for free.

Followed are usual payoffs percentages:

  • For 5 cent bets- the average payout is 96.8%.
  • For 25 cent bets – the payout is 97.6%.
  • For 1$ bets – Payout is 98.2%.
  • For 5$ – 98.5% payout.

Edi Wallace – Copywriter 2006-08-07