Progressive Slots- The Guide

Introduction to Progressive Slots

In an earlier article on the different types of slot machines, we have read briefly about progressive slot machines. We will discuss progressive slot machines in more detail here. So, what are progressive slots? How do they differ from straight slots? What are the benefits of playing progressive slots? Are there any negative aspects to playing progressive slots? These are some of the questions about progressive slot machines that we will attempt to answer here.

A progressive slot machine is one that is connected to a network of similar slot machines. The main thing that differentiates a progressive slot machine from other machines is the fact that it is connected; this is the key to this type of slot machine. All the benefits and also negative aspects stem from this basic point.

More about Progressive Slots

Imagine that you have a lifelong desire to hit a massive jackpot. What would you need to do? One of the things you could do is try your luck at a progressive slot machine. This is one slot machine that can, if you are lucky enough to win the big one, change your life over night.

The progressive slot machine, because it is connected to other similar slot machines on a network, have bigger jackpots than straight slot machines. This is because each player on a machine on the network contributes to the jackpot. While it is not always necessary that all progressive slots jackpots are massive, it is true that there are some progressive jackpots that run up to millions of dollars.

Progressive Slots and the Odds of Hitting a Jackpot

All the players on the different machines on a network contribute to the huge prize money usually associated with progressive slot machines. While the prize money shoots up to astronomical proportions, the odds of a single player winning it all in one big bang also diminish rapidly.

When the odds are low, there is a natural tendency among people to shy away from trying their luck at progressive slot machines. However, that does not mean that progressive slot machines should be barred. All you need is to be able to rein in your expectations and play it like you would any other game – for fun. That way, not winning the big one does not get to you, neither does it burn a massive hole in your pocket from chasing that illusive win.

Another thing to note – all progressive slot machines are not identical. There are actually three different types of progressive slots;

  • Stand alone progressive slot machines,
  • In-house/proprietary progressive slot machines,
  • Wide area progressive slot machines.