In this page you will learn the winning Bingo odds, and this way you’ll be able to compare this games to other online casino games.

Bingo pays out 75% of the money that people spend on the game. This is a high house edge, but it levels out because the cost of playing Bingo is low. It is a lot more profitable to play Bingo than to play the lottery, which has a payout of 45%.

There are millions of different online Bingo cards, some say that the cards are like snow flakes, and that no two cards are the same. This gives randomness to the Bingo odds, and allows it to be played equally and fairly. Randomness is a vital part of Bingo rules, so when you decide to play, make sure the online casino states it’s fair playing system.

Factors That Influence Bingo Odds of Winning

The Bingo odds of winning depend in someone the number of cards that are played at any given time. This is because if the cards are very versatile, no two players will get the same score, and if they do win together, it is because of pure chance. In Bingo, numbers are drawn until someone wins, and this is why having different cards is a must.

Another factor that influences Bingo odds are the number of players. Unlike game such as poker, the more players there are, the less the chance is for winning. If there are 100 players, then the Bingo odds to win are 1 in a 100. If, on the other hand, there are 1,000 players, the odds are 1 in a 1,000.

However, the prize for less crowded games is smaller too, so you need to make the decision between prize size and Bingo odds.

The number of Bingo cards< also influence the winning odds. The more Bingo cards you play the better your winning Bingo odds are. However, the numbers in Bingo are spoken rapidly, so if you do not notice the numbers that are drawn fast enough you are wasting precious Bingo odds.

Bingo history has continued for a long time, and through the recent development of the internet, it is now even easier to calculate and use Bingo odds. This guarantees that the game will continue to be played on online casinos for a long time.

Edi Wallace – Copywriter 2006-07-13