One of the most popular games today in the online gambling industry is online bingo, also known as Internet bingo or casino bingo. The game of online bingo is widely played across the world, with strong support for it existing in the US, where it is used in fundraisers as well, and also in Europe, especially U.K.

The popularity of online bingo stems from the fact that it is simple to play, unlike some of its other online gambling contemporaries. Added to it is the sense of community that exists in the traditional form of the game and has now been successfully transplanted to the online gambling domain as well.

Most people who know at least a little bit about online gambling also know about online bingo, which is why we have not talked too much about the basics of the game itself in this section. We have not talked too much about how to play bingo online; we have instead given the basics of the game and talked about the bingo card itself.

Other areas of online bingo we have concentrated on in this section include bingo bets and also the concept of bingo patterns. We have basically talked about bets in bingo and also about the different kinds of patterns in bingo today.

What we have for you here includes all the important things there are to know about online bingo, without waffling too much about things you already may know.