We have in this section articles dedicated to the different aspects of the blackjack game. One article is devoted to the blackjack table and layout, and going through that article will give you a fair idea of what a blackjack table looks like.

Besides the article on the blackjack table and layout, we also have an article on blackjack math, which talks of the importance and significance of math in blackjack. As you know, blackjack is not just about luck, you also need skill, and knowing your math can be a huge help in ensuring you do not consistently lose more than you win. We also have an article on the hard and soft hands in a blackjack game.

Apart from these articles we also have a series of articles on the different options you have as a player during a blackjack game. When you play blackjack, there are a number of moves that you can make, depending on your analysis of the situation. You could hit, stand, double down, split pairs, get insurance, or even surrender. Each of our articles takes one of these options and explains them in crisp and simple language.

All our articles have been created with the specific purpose of giving you information about the different aspects of the blackjack game in language that is not too technical, but still covering all the technical aspects of the game.