Introduction to Blackjack Hitting

The term ‘hitting’ in blackjack refers to the act of asking for another card during a game. So when would you consider hitting in blackjack? What advantage does blackjack hitting provide you with? What are the different situations where you can hit, and what are the situations where hitting in blackjack is not such a great idea? We will discuss all these issues in this article.

Basically, when the dealer deals you cards in blackjack, you study your hand, and then need to take a decision – whether to ask for another card from the dealer, or continue with the hand that you have. If you think that you already have a good hand that would be enough to take on the dealer’s hand, you can afford not to hit. However, hitting in blackjack is the best option if you feel your current hand is weak and want to explore the possibility of a better hand with the new card that the dealer gives you.

How to Indicate Hitting in Blackjack Face-up Games

In most casinos, you are not allowed to say it aloud that you wish to hit or stand. There are gestures to indicate that you wish to go for hitting in blackjack. You do not have one standard gesture for all blackjack games; they vary from one type of game to another. Let us first see the gesture that you must use to indicate you wish to hit during a face-up game.

Let us assume you are in a face-up game and the dealer deals you two cards. You are not very satisfied with the hand that you have been dealt, and wish to hit, i.e. go for another card to see if it improves your hand and increases your chances of beating the dealer’s hand. The gesture to indicate this is tapping the table area behind your cards. You can use your fingers to do this.

How to Indicate Hitting in Blackjack Face-down Games

When you are in a face-down game of blackjack, the way you indicate that you wish to hit, and also stand, would be very different. How would you achieve this? To indicate you want to hit in a blackjack face-down game, all you have to do is rub your cards mildly on the surface of the table.

Even if you are new and do not know much about these actions for indicating blackjack hitting in different games, it is not very difficult to learn them. You can check out online tutorials like this one, or watch other players making these moves, till you are confident enough to try it on your own.