An Introduction to the Blackjack Table

The game of blackjack has been around for quite a while now, having evolved from a number of earlier card games. The game of blackjack has progressed since it first came into existence, with the online version of the game available as well now. The blackjack table continues to be the same ever since it made its appearance first in the second decade of the 20th century. The online blackjack table is, of course, virtual, but retains the same look and feel as the tables found at brick and mortar casinos.

So what is the size of the blackjack table? What are the finer details of the blackjack table layout? We will discuss all of this in the following paragraphs.

More about the Blackjack Table

The standard size of a blackjack table is approximately three feet by five feet. This size is scaled down in the online version of the game. However, the online blackjack table looks the same as the regular blackjack table in most other respects.

The traditional blackjack table is semicircular in shape. Its surface is made of green felt, and this is how the online blackjack table looks as well. The table looks elegant, to say the least, and also has different markings embedded on its surface.

Most commonly, you will find the surface of the blackjack table also has the payoff for the game printed on it. Besides the payoff, other details that you can find on the blackjack table surface include the rules of the game, usually the drawing and standing rules of the dealer. Other markings on the blackjack table surface include the insurance wager betting line, which is a curved betting line, the logo of the casino, and also the betting positions for players, usually a maximum of six to seven.

Other Components of the Blackjack Table Layout

There are a number of other components of the blackjack table layout as well. There is a position assigned to the dealer. In a traditional casino he would be placed just behind the chip rack, but in the online blackjack table he would just be a slot marked on the virtual table layout.

The dealer has to his left a dealing shoe, with a discard tray situated on his right. The dealer spreads out the cards in the decks right across the blackjack table prior to the start of a game. This may seem unnecessary, but is an essential part of the pre-game moves in blackjack, as it gives players a chance to inspect the decks to ensure was on the level.