An Introduction to Blackjack Insurance

Another interesting option you come across when playing blackjack is the concept of blackjack insurance. Before getting into a discussion on the different aspects of blackjack insurance, you need to know what it exactly is. Take a look at the following scenario.

You have been dealt a hand in blackjack, and you see that the up-card for the dealer is an ace. At this point, the dealer asks all players if any of them require insurance. You can opt for insurance if you believe that the dealer’s hole card is a 10, which would effectively make it a blackjack, by placing a side bet. The amount you can wager through a side bet is always 50% of the original wager you had made for the hand.

When your dealer actually has a $10, you win at the cool rate of 2:1. However, while you receive this payment, you do not get back your original wager amount. The only way you can get that $10 back is if you are able to pull out a card and tie with the dealer.

More about Blackjack Insurance

So where do you place the insurance bet? You can usually place the insurance bet by placing it on the Insurance line, a line that is present just directly in front of you. So what do you mean when you say blackjack insurance? If you look at the situation carefully, you will see that actually, you are not insuring anything much.

Basically, when you are talking of blackjack insurance, all you have done is to wager on the possibility of the dealer’s third and unseen card being a 10.

When to Opt for Blackjack Insurance

Blackjack rules suggest that the blackjack insurance does not work for the player; instead it ends up giving the casino, or the house as it is usually called, an increased house advantage.

To safely opt for blackjack insurance, you need to be aware of and also be good at the concept of card counting. Only when you know, through card counting, that the ratio of the non-10s to 10s is lower than the 2:1, should you feel safe about venturing forth. You should make it a point to follow this rule even if you have a blackjack.