Introduction to Standing in Blackjack

We will discuss about standing in blackjack in this article. We have already briefly seen what standing in blackjack is in another article. Here we will look at it in more detail. When you are playing blackjack, two of the things you can do most commonly are either hitting or standing.

Let us start by revisiting a very basic question – what exactly is blackjack standing. Let us explain this with an example. Suppose you are playing a game of blackjack, and are quite pleased with the hand that the dealer deals you. You may not necessarily want to add another card as it could spoil the hand you are holding. In that case you can opt for blackjack standing, i.e. letting the dealer know you are not interested in taking the extra card yet.

So just how do you tell the dealer you want to stand? Most of the time, you are not supposed to mention it aloud to the dealer. You are supposed to indicate, through hand signals, the fact that you wish to stand. Most of the time the gestures to be used depend on the kind of blackjack you are playing. You can stand even with a two-card hand.

Blackjack Standing in Face-up Shoe Game

In this section we will discuss how to signal blackjack standing to the dealer in a face-up shoe game. The way you would do this here would be different than in a face-down shoe game. When you are in an Atlantic City casino, you are forbidden from speaking out aloud that you want to stand; you indicate this through a hand signal, which is also the case in many of the other casinos.

For the dealer to leave you out of the deal for the next card, all you have to do is have your palm facing downwards and then wave it over the cards you have been dealt. That is a definitive indication for blackjack standing in a face-up game.

Blackjack Standing in a Face-Down Game

Now let us look at how to indicate blackjack standing when you are playing a face-down shoe game. Indicating that you wish to stand in a face-down game is totally different from the way you would do it in a face-up game. In this case, you would have to hold your cards and slide the corners of the cards under your wager.

When indicating blackjack standing in a face-down game, there is one thing you need to remember carefully. When sliding the corners of your cards under your wager, be sure not to touch the wager itself. That is strictly not allowed in this form of the game.