Blackjack Moves– Understanding Blackjack Player Moves

Introduction to Blackjack Moves

One of the highlights of the game of blackjack is the availability of a large number of blackjack moves options. The different blackjack player moves available increase the flexibility you get as a player when playing your hand. It gives you more avenues to score a win.

However, you must understand that while the different blackjack options, also called blackjack player moves, increase your chances of winning, these are applicable successfully on specific occasions only. Not knowing how to use them well can lead to you losing as well.

So what are the different blackjack player moves or options? Some of the commonly available blackjack options available to players include stand, hit, split pairs and double down. We will take a brief look at these different blackjack options in the following sections.

Blackjack Player Moves– Stand and Hit

The two basic blackjack options that you have as a player are ‘stand’ and ‘hit’. When you do not want to be dealt an additional card, you ‘stand’ during a blackjack game. To indicate that you wish to stand, you need to wave your hand over your cards with your palm facing downwards. This is enough in most of the casinos around today, including the ones at Atlantic City. At some casinos you are allowed to say the fact that you wish to stand out loud.

You have the option in blackjack to take on at least one additional card if you are not happy with the numbers of your current dealt cards. This is valid only so long as your total, along with the third card, does not jump over 21 or break. This is called a hit. There are two ways of indicating a hit – by motioning with your fingers or by just by pointing towards your cards.

Some More Blackjack Player Moves– Split Pairs and Double Down

The split pair blackjack option allows you to split two cards in the event you get two first cards that have the same value. Once you do that you can play each card as a separate hand till such time as you either break or are happy with the cards you got. This is called ‘splitting pairs’. There is a host of information available about splitting pairs on the Internet, and you can just go through some of the articles for a more detailed understanding of the split pair.

The concept of double down, another of the blackjack options available, is a means for you to double the wager you had made at the time of dealing when you feel, on the basis of your first two cards, that you would be able to beat the dealer’s hand with the third card in hand.

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