In this article we will discuss video slots. We will study different aspects of video slots – their definition, how they function, and how they differ from classic slots.

Introduction to Video Slot Machines

The first question that comes to mind when we talk of video slots is ‘What are video slot machines?’ Video slot machines are basically slot machines that show the reels on a computer screen virtually. The reels are not physically present in a video slot machine but are graphically designed.

The next question that comes to mind is, ‘How many reels do video slots have?’ Usually, you will find five reels in a video slot machine. However, there is no hard and fast rule regarding this, and you will find video slot machines with more than five reels as well. Most video slots have a large number of paylines, usually between five and fifty.

How Video Slots Differ from Classic Slots

Video slots are different from classic slots in many ways. The classic slot machines are more primitive in technicality and are limited to basic slots functions.There are not many differences between classic slot machines and video slots when it comes to the game basics though in video slots, besides the amazing graphics and themes you will find other benefits like free spins and bonus rounds to liven up the game which you won’t find in regular slot machines.

There are quite a few areas in which video slot machines differ from classic slots. These include the denomination and size of the coin to be used. In the case of video slots, the coin size is smaller than in classic slots because the coin denomination supported is lower. Video slots also have more winning combinations than classic slots, which is why the payout tables differ. Other areas of difference include scatter pays and the ability to wager more than a single coin for each line.

However, you cannot decide on the basis of these few facts which of the two are better. Both video slots as well as classic slots have their own good and worrying points. You need to decide which of these fit into your scheme of things and play it accordingly.

More about the Video Slot Machine

The area where video slots today score most over classic slots is in terms of popularity. Video slot machines are extremely popular among slots enthusiasts today because they have a higher success rate in actual winnings than classic slots. There is a reason for this – the higher success/hit rate is because of the availability of more numbers of winning combinations than classic slots. The higher number of winning combinations is due to the existence of more lines in video slot machines.

The increasing popularity of video slot machines over classic slots is also because of the fun factor. You are guaranteed a good time when you play video slots because of its many functions, themes and graphics, whereas classic slots are fun in the nostalgic, simple way. Where video slots go one better is that they not only guarantee you a good time, but also offer you opportunities to win more through their fun incentives.