An Introduction to the Roulette Straight Up Bet

In Roulette, there are inside bets and outside bets, and one of the simplest inside bets is the straight up bet in Roulette. When you place a bet on a single number in Roulette, the bet is called the Roulette straight up bet. Effectively, you can make the Roulette straight up bet on a number of your choice on the table.

To make a straight up bet in Roulette, all you have to do is position your chips, equal in value to the amount you have wagered, on the box corresponding to the number you have chosen. You can place the chips on any of the numbers on the board, including the two zeros. You have to be careful, though, while placing your straight up bet in Roulette; you cannot let the chip touch any of the lines around the box.

The straight up bet in Roulette is one of the six inside bets that you find in the game.

The Roulette straight up bet is the simplest of all the six inside bets. Once you place the Roulette straight up bet, you wait for the croupier to spin the Roulette wheel and also the ball. The Roulette table has the numbered boxes where you place your bet. The Roulette wheel also has corresponding numbered boxes. When the ball spins and falls on a numbered box inside the wheel area that corresponds to the numbered box you had placed your Roulette straight up bet on, you are declared a winner.

Odds in the Straight-Up Bet in Roulette
In a straight up bet in Roulette, the true odds would work out to 37 to 1. In other words, the casino advantage for this bet works out to an impressive 5.26%. In a Roulette gaming having the double zeros, this is the house edge for all bets. Another thing about the Roulette straight up bet you should remember – in the event you win the bet, your original bet does not come off the table until you actually take it off the table. If you do not take it off the table, the same amount rides on the succeeding spin of the wheel as well.