Introduction to the Roulette Corner Bet

There are many different bets in Roulette, all primarily categorized as either inside bets or outside bets. Among the inside bets, a commonly used bet is the Roulette corner bet. The corner bet in Roulette is also called the four-number bet. However, the common name for the Roulette corner bet is ‘corners’.

What is the Corner Bet in Roulette?

The corner bet in Roulette, also called the four-number bet as we mentioned earlier, involves four different numbers, as the name suggests. However, does this mean you can bet on any four numbers at random on the Roulette table? Or is there any specification regarding the numbers you can bet on if you opt to use this bet?

When you opt to place a corner bet in Roulette, you are effectively betting on four numbers that are touching each other. The key to the Roulette corner bet is the four numbers have to be around each other and touching each other. You can place a Roulette corner bet by positioning your chip(s) at the center point where the four touching numbers intersect each other.

There are other such basic questions as well that pop up – what are the odds and the payouts for the Roulette corner bet? Is it a safe betting option? Where do you position your chip or chips when you are placing the corner bet in Roulette? These are some of the things we will discuss in the remainder of this article.

Whenever you are playing any gambling game, be it online or offline, there are a few things about the game that you should know. These include the rules of the game, the variations (if any), the different types of bets involved and the odds and payouts for each of these bets. The same is the case with Roulette as well. So what are the odds in the corner bet in the game of Roulette?

Given that the bet involves four numbers that are touching each other, a small calculation throws up an interesting fact – there are 22 such intersections where you can place your Roulette corner bet. Work out the math and you’ll see that the odds involved are very decent, at 8:1. What this means effectively is that a $10 Roulette corner bet will, on winning, fetch you $80 apart from the original wager money.

The advantage that the casino enjoys in the case of a Roulette corner bet is the same as the advantage for other inside bets, at 5.26% for Roulette wheels with two zeros and 2.70% for single zero Roulette.