An Introduction to the Roulette Three-Number Bet

The three-number bet in Roulette is one of the many different Roulette bets that exist and is quite frequently used by players. As discussed in an earlier article, there are two primary categorizations for Roulette bets – inside bets and outside bets – depending on the area in which the bet can be placed. The Roulette three-number bet is an inside bet.

In this respect, i.e., being an inside bet, the Roulette three-number bet is the same as some of the other Roulette bets like the straight up bet or the split bet. However, that is where the similarity ends; the three-number bet in Roulette is completely different from the other inside bets, be it in structure, functionality, or the odds.

What is the Roulette Three-Number Bet?

The three-number bet in Roulette is also called the Street bet. As the name suggests, this bet involves not one, not two, but three numbers. So are there any specific three numbers that you can bet on, or are you allowed to bet on any three numbers at random? How do you position your chips during a three-number bet? These are just some of the basic questions that arise when you talk about the Roulette three-number bet. We will discuss these as we go along.

For a start, the Roulette three-number bet involves the three numbers in the same on a single horizontal line/row on the Roulette table. You cannot arbitrarily bet on any three random numbers on the Roulette table if this is the bet you are opting for.

When you choose the three-number bet in Roulette, the nature of the bet itself suggests that the place to position your chip(s) would have to be a location common to all the three numbers concerned. Therefore, the three-numbered bet requires you to place your chip or chips on the line that is present at the end of the 12 rows that are part of the Roulette table.

There are three other locations that you can place your chips on apart from the line at the end of each of the 12 rows. These locations include the point between the 0 and the 00 and the two boxes; the boxes for 0, 1, and 2; or the boxes for 00, 2, and 3. What this means is there are 15 possible locations in all where you can place the three-number bet.

Finally, we come to the other important issue when it comes to the three-number bet in Roulette. What are the odds and also the associated payout for this bet? This is something that is important not just for the Roulette three-number bet but also for any bet in general, as it helps the player decide whether to opt for it or not. The house edge for the three-number bet in Roulette is the same as for the other Roulette bets. The payout is 11 to 1, the odds against winning is 11.667 to 1 and expected value per $1 is $0.053