An Introduction to the Baccarat Table

Whether in a traditional or online casino, you play baccarat on the baccarat table. It is, therefore, vital that you know about the baccarat table layout before playing the game. In both the forms of the game – traditional as well as online – the layout of the baccarat table remains the same.

The baccarat table is basically kidney shaped, with the two ends being identical and the middle section containing the space to accommodate the dealers. A baccarat dealer is also called the croupier. The dealers have enough space to be able to take care of both the cards as well as the players’ wagers.

More about the Baccarat Table Layout

The baccarat table itself is made of green baize in a traditional casino, and an online casino replicates this look by having the table in green color. The online baccarat table has same features as a table in a traditional casino, with the only difference being in the size – the online version of the game has a scaled down version of the table compared to the traditional version.

The baccarat tables have slight variation for the European and American versions of the game. There are basically six different areas that form the baccarat table layout. Each of these areas is meant for one element of a baccarat game – the caller, the dealer, the second dealer, the drop box, the discard trays, and the tips box.

Usually, if you are talking of an American baccarat table, 14 players can play at a single table at a time. Each player is allotted a seat that is numbered. The numbers range from one through to 15. Superstition finds place in baccarat as none of the chairs bears the number 13. However, there is no specific order in which players are required to sit; you can come and take any seat that happens to be vacant.

The Betting Area in Baccarat Table Layout

Since baccarat is a betting game, it is obvious that there would be designated betting areas that form part of the table layout. So how many such areas are there on a baccarat table? You have three betting areas in front of the seat you occupy, and this goes for all the other players in the game.

The three different betting areas in front of your seat on the baccarat table are named according to the kind of bets you can make in these areas. They are:

• Player betting area

• Banker betting area

• Tie betting area

The player and banker betting areas are marked by a circle, while the tie betting area is marked with a number.