Neteller deems itself to be the ‘leader in online payment solutions’, and its contribution to the online gaming world is surely a tribute to this. As a payment method it is simple and user friendly, and as casino payment method it’s safe and swift. With the intervention of American legal issues with credit card funding of online casinos, banking options such as Neteller have come to fill the gap by offering third party financial representation.

Setting up a Neteller account is free, fast and completely secure. The whole process can be done online and should take no more than a few minutes. There is a slightly different registration process for North Americans and non-North Americans and you must be sure that you are filling out the correct registration form. There is also a discrepancy between the funding methods accepted for North-American customers and non-North American customers, with the North American clientele getting a slightly sweeter deal. North Americans and holders of a North American bank account are able to deposit funds into their Neteller account using instacash, a direct transfer from one’s bank account enabling immediate deposit, and no aggravating waiting periods. Unfortunately for clients in other parts of the world this option is not available. For these customers the payment methods offered are credit card, bank wire or check. All of these options are good; unfortunately they do come with a waiting period for the deposit to appear in your Neteller account. On the other hand North Americans, have to beware of their status regarding the using of Neteller in USA based casinos, and are largely advised to opt for non-American casinos in order to benefit from superior payment methods such as Neteller. The deposit limits at Neteller are set to begin with at between $20 and $750, but the maximum can be easily altered through the website.

Once your Neteller account is set up you can log into it whenever you want by providing your 12-digit customer identification number as well as your 6-digit secure identification number. The next step towards using Neteller as your chosen online gaming payment method is to go to the ‘payment method’ section of your online casino or poker room and select the Neteller option for payment. If you do not yet have a preferred casino or poker room, it is worth having a look around as a lot of sites offer additional incentives to clients who pay with Neteller. Once you have selected Neteller as your online casino payment method you will follow the casino’s ‘payment method’ process and see a virtual instant deposit of funds into your casino account allowing you to play immediately. Withdrawal via Neteller is not as fast as the deposit process, however it is the fastest form of withdrawal from an online casino available and therefore Neteller provides an all round satisfactory service for online gaming deposit and withdrawal whilst also presenting a plethora of other advantages such as online shopping and inter-account transfers.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28