Click2Pay is one of the most progressive online payments methods available on the Internet today. They offer service to over 180 countries with the list continuing to grow. By providing the Online Casino gambler a safe and secure way to finance their gaming Click 2 Pay ensures that the only gambling a player has to worry about occurs on the gaming tables.

Getting started to play with Click2Pay is also very easy. An online gambler merely has to go to there easy to find and browse website. After finding the website a player will have to choose exactly which services that they are going to want to use. This is made easy by navigating through Click 2 Pay’s website and the first option given is that of which language to choose. Once the appropriate language is chosen, there are a lot to choose from, they need to get registered. This is as easy as clicking on the join now button and answering some basic questions. If a player isn’t sure if they want to get started right away there is also a walk through of Click 2 Pay’s website to put their mind at ease and to answer any questions about Click 2 Pay’s services that they might have.

Click 2 Pays services are accessible worldwide anytime that a player needs access to their funds. There are no restrictions on when and where that funds can be retrieved, or deposited, allowing a very wide degree of transaction flexibility. Also, an online gambling player can rest easy knowing that their funds are completely safe and secure. Click 2 Pay uses the best technology available to protect their customers and to ensure customer satisfaction. Click2Pay uses the industry standard, which is RSA encryption, for all of their services and transactions.

Click 2 Pay rewards customer loyalty also. They use what’s called a “transparent star rating system” and the more that an online gambling player uses their services the more services that Click 2 Play is able to provide. Without a doubt Click 2 Pay is one of the leading online transaction providers.

While Click2Pay services are available in a number of countries and languages players can only sign up for the Click 2 Pay services if they reside in specific countries. Click 2 Pay is working on making more countries available, however, at this time Click 2 Pay sign up is limited to the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, France, Austria and Germany. If a player doesn’t reside in one of these countries Click 2 Pay services are not available.

Online customer support is always available and there are telephone operators ready to help anytime day or night as well. With exceptional security, services, and support an online gambler simply can’t go wrong betting on the Click2Pay universe to satisfy their financial needs.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28