As its name suggests Ukash is like using cash to buy goods. There are no complicated registration procedures and no worries of financial theft. Using Ukash is simple and secure. Ukash vouchers can be purchased for cash from convenience stores over the counter. Stores that sell Ukash vouchers display the PayPoint, payzone or e-pay signs. The Ukash website provides a detailed list of such locations. If you have online banking facilities you can also receive Ukash vouchers by e-mail or by SMS. Though Internet purchases are the main use of Ukash, the vouchers can be spent in the real world as well. Stores accepting Ukash display the Ukash logo.

Using Ukash for financing online gambling is very simple. The voucher contains a 19-digit number. All that needs to be done is that this number is to be entered in the casino cashier and your account is credited. And using Ukash to deposit money in your casino account is financially rewarding as well. Not only are there no fees or other hidden costs, but also casinos offer a bonus for paying by Ukash. This bonus is 10% of the amount deposited through Ukash. If you are having difficulty in finding casinos that permit Ukash simply log on to Ukash website for a complete list of Ukash casinos.

There are several other advantages of Ukash. Ukash vouchers have a 12-month expiry date and therefore can be used anytime within a year of purchase. Unlike in the case of credit cards where you have to wait for your application to be processed and card to be delivered, the purchase of Ukash vouchers is instantly done. Again there are no card verification formalities at the time of spending Ukash. This is a boon to online gambling. If you spend less than your voucher amount you will get back change in cash. There is no age limit for the purchase of Ukash vouchers, though you have to be of age if you want to use it for online gambling. You do not have to tally statements at the end of the month or worry about how you will pay the credit card company. With Ukash you are in total control of your spending. Ukash realises that there could be apprehensions in using this new concept. Therefore it provides a round the clock phone support.

Ukash started out in the United Kingdom and is now available in sixteen countries throughout Europe. Presently it is not available in the United States. Each Ukash transaction is limited to a maximum of £100 or €150 and up to five vouchers can be purchased at a time. PayPoint outlets provide vouchers in denominations of £5.00 to £100.00, payzone outlets in denominations of £15, £30, £50, £75 and £100 and e-pay outlets in denominations of £10, £20, £25, £30, £40, £50, £75 and £100.

And if you still have doubts be informed that Ukash is operated by Smart Voucher Ltd., which is a reputed company regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (ELMI). Your money is totally safe.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28