With the development of the Internet, and the development of online gambling, there have been numerous methods of online payment and financial transactions. Some are better than others and everyone is looking for the next best alternative. Some of the top payment systems are those that accept credit cards, and those that keep funds available in a type of virtual bank. But before an online gambler chooses a financial transaction method there are many things to take into consideration before choosing a good way to purchase good or services online. There are a few more things than that to take into account when looking to bankroll the next charge at the online gambling site.

In many ways eCheck is much better than traditional methods of online payment. It offers all of the same security features that online gamers have come to enjoy and count on as well as the ease of use of a check. One of the downfalls of online payment services is the fact that it still remains alien to many online gamblers. The gamblers that have come up in the traditional casinos and are just now starting to venture into the online casino arena are sometimes put off by the prospect of learning and using an entirely new payment process. The ease of use of an eCheck just may be the answer to this growing segment of the online gambling population. An eCheck functions almost identically to that of a paper check, with the use of a digital signature and all of the traditional accoutrement.

One of the primary strengths of using an eCheck is that banks are already familiar with their use; in fact, it is one of their basic strengths. By using the same format as the medium that all banks are already very familiar with online gamblers can use this to their advantage and not have to worry that a banking system will drop the ball on their next transaction. By combining ease of use on both sides, the bank and the player, eCheck can virtually eliminate many of the common banking errors that currently plague some of the more high tech, newer online transactions systems. In fact, eChecks are designed to be the safest and most secure digital transaction medium known to man.

Currently there are many businesses and merchants further developing the eCheck as a leading commerce tool. As more and more businesses and online casinos come on board the eCheck bandwagon more and more online gamblers can take advantage of the service offered by this unequaled medium. The ability to pay for goods and services online with something so versatile will only help strengthen the online gambling world for years to come.

As a member of the online gambling community it is absolutely essential that online gamblers get involved in the development of the eCheck as a viable instrument in online gaming.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2007-08-28