The Paysafe Card is different from other forms of payment options offered at online casinos and poker rooms because it is not linked to a bank account and it doesn’t involve the ownership of an account through a third party financial provider. The Paysafe Card is a pre-paid card that can be used for all sorts of online activities including shopping and gambling. The advantages of a pre-paid card such as Paysafe are that, firstly it alleviates the need for excess personal information being sent over the web, and secondly it enables everyone to benefit from websites that otherwise would only be available to owners of credit cards.

There are two means of acquiring a Paysafe Card; either from a retail outlet or online. Should you purchase a Paysafe Card from one of the many retail outlets that offer them including gas stations, local stores and electrical appliance outlets, you will scratch off the pin number on the back of the card. This pin number is what will identify your purchase of the card and your ownership of its worth. Should you prefer to purchase your Paysafe Card online the pin number will be sent to you directly via email.

The Paysafe Card is not available to North American citizens, but is obtainable in Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Austria, and provides Euros only, and the values of the Paysafe Cards available are 10, 25, 50 or 100 Euros. However deposits to the casino itself can be made up with a combination of these cards, in fact up to 10 cards can be combined to make up a single deposit at one time; therefore the actual maximum deposit limit may depend more on the casino itself than it does on the Paysafe Card.

Once you have purchased your card and gotten your pin number, simply go to the payment section of your online casino site; click on the Paysafe symbol and enter the amount you wish to credit your account with plus the 16 digit pin. The Paysafe Card unfortunately can not be used for withdrawals, therefore you must decide on an alternative withdrawal method before you start.

The Paysafe Card offers good value, no ties and no contracts, and anonymous access to online gaming sites leaving you safe in the knowledge that no one has any financial details that are linked to you. The Paysafe Card is used in central Europe for a wide variety of purposes and in Poland the BAWAG bank, and in Germany the Commerzbank AG actually issue it as legal tender.

Edi Wallace – Copywriter 2007-08-28