Citadel keeps a player safe

The first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of a Citadel is that of an impenetrable fortress. The object of the game when searching for a solid and reliable payment system for a player’s online gambling needs is that of absolute security. All of the winnings in the world are absolutely meaningless without the ability to protect those winnings. For Citadel Commerce money processing systems that is exactly what they are designed for. Citadel uses up to the minute financial transaction technology while providing customers with the ability to deposit and retrieve funds in a very secure cyber environment.

My Citadel Wallet

Citadel Commerce provides a service called My Citadel Wallet. This is exactly what it is, but much better. An Online Casino gambler can think of this service as their personal wallet. But unlike a leather billfold that is easily lost or stolen, the Citadel Wallet is thief proof and cannot be lost. My Citadel Wallet also comes with a good array of services that the online gambler can personalize to fit their own needs. Citadel knows that no two players are exactly alike and they can accommodate. Additionally, it is always there with 24/7 support. Any time day or night and anywhere in the world a player can access and transfer funds via Citadel. Citadel provides multilingual support allowing players from all over the world to enjoy the many benefits that Citadel has to offer.

Using Citadel’s Services

To get started using the services provided by Citadel an online gambler simply has to contact the company via e-mail or telephone. There is also a handy brochure that is available for download in an easy to use PDF format. Ease of use is one of the hallmarks of Citadel services and they provide a plethora of service options to help a player find the precise fit for their money transaction needs.

Payment Solutions

For example, Citadel offers five separate payment solutions to keep their customers happy and in the money. Citadel offers Citadel Direct North America, Citadel Direct International, Citadel Remittance, My Citadel Wallet, and Citadel Commerce. All of these programs are designed to make any type of money transaction as smooth as possible. Any type of financial instrument that a player wants to use, short of clam shells, the Citadel network of financial solutions can handle it.If a player is also a merchant there are numerous possibilities for them to choose from. A person can virtually pay by any type of negotiable instrument using Citadel’s financial solutions and have it converted into a usable e-commerce format.

For the serious online gambler nobody can beat Citadel’s performance and ease of use. With 24/7 online support in a variety of international languages a player can literally take there game anywhere on the planet and never have to worry about funding again.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28