Introduction to the Craps Field Bet

In craps, there are single-roll as well as multi-roll bets. One such single-roll bet is the Field bet in craps. As any other single-roll bet, the craps Field bet is valid for just one roll of the dice – you win or lose on that roll. You can make a Field bet in craps any time during a game.

So where would you place your chips for a Field bet in craps? If you look at the craps table layout carefully, you will see that the position for placing your craps Field bet on either side of the table, between the Come section and the Don’t Pass Bar.

How does a Craps Field Bet Work?

  • The way the Field bet works is simple – you select a number to bet on and inform the dealer that you want to place a field bet. The craps field bet seems like a good deal for you to opt for if you are a rookie at the game. For one, this is a one-roll affair, and then, the odds also seem good for the numbers you can bet on.
  • If the number you select happens to be 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, you stand to get even money. However, the odds are high when it comes to the numbers 2 and 12. Depending on the situation, you could earn twice or even three times the amount you have deposited for these two numbers. However, if the shooter’s roll of the dice throws up 5, 6, 7, or 8, you lose.

    How Good is a Field Bet in Craps?

    On the surface, the Field bet in craps may seem to be as good, if not better, than any of the other bets. Consider this: with this single bet, you have almost all bases covered – the only numbers that can cost you are four in all, out of a total of 11; you have all the other numbers covered. This would make the craps Field bet a bettor’s dream bet, right?

    Take a closer look, work out the house advantage, and you will see that is not actually the case. By checking out the number of combinations that exist for each number during a roll, you will find the math telling a totally different story. The house advantage for a craps Field bet is a huge 5%, which is very high when you compare it with the 1.4% for a Come bet.

    If you are still interested in trying out the craps Field bet, a good option would be to play at a casino that offers three times the deposit amount for a 12 instead of the standard two times, as that would negate the house advantage to a degree, bringing it down from 5% to about 2.7%.