An Introduction to the Craps Come Bet

Let us start off by answering the basic question that must be buzzing in your head if you are new to craps – what is a come bet in craps? Basically, the craps come bet lets you bet come any time you want during the course of a game of craps. If you employ this bet, you are free to bet each time someone rolls the dice, which is not possible in some of the other bets like pass-line bets.

In addition, craps come bets give the most odds, and can be a good way to make some quick bucks if combined properly with pass-line bets. One of the things about a craps come bet is that you can make this bet only once you have established a point during the game.

Craps Come Bets vs. Pass-Line Bets

The craps come bet is almost identical to a pass-line bet, except for a couple of major differences between the two. If you have read about pass-line bets, you will know that you can place a pass-line bet only during a come-out roll or the first roll of the dice during a game. A craps come bet, unlike the pass-line bet, allows you to place a bet whenever you want, not just after the come-out roll. Anyone at the craps table, even someone who has joined the table newly, can place a come bet.

The second major difference between a come bet in craps and a pass-line bet is that the odds for a craps come bet are much higher than for a pass-line bet, and you have to wait till there is an established point to be able to place this wager, which is not the case with the pass-line bet.

The craps come bet also has a steady 1.41% advantage for the house. This is the same percentage as the advantage that the house holds in a pass-line bet.

More about Craps Come Bets

There are good sides to the craps come bet and also some negative elements. On the negative side, one of the things about the come bet in craps is that by having the opportunity to bet anytime during the game, and as many times as you want, the threat of bets being left over is very real. The trick is to be able to follow some of the guidelines available from other players and also try and make sure that the roll of the dice does not throw up a 7.

As the number of come bets placed increases, the risk of being hit head-on by the 7-throw increases considerably. One of the ways to safeguard your position during a craps game is to make sure that you call the come bet off if you have just one of them. If you have at least two of them, this is the best time to call the bets on.