Introduction to the Craps Proposition Bet

There are different kinds of bets in craps, and one of them that you would do well to stay away from is the craps Proposition bet. These bets generally work for the casino and against you, something that becomes apparent when you take a look at the house advantage, which varies between 9.09% and 16.67%.

If you are adventurous and also lucky, there are chances that you would score a good win with a proposition bet; however, most of the times the high house advantage ensures the result are otherwise. The reputation of the craps proposition bet precedes it and that is one reason why you will not find too many takers for this particular craps bet.

Types of Proposition Bets in Craps

There are different kinds of proposition bets in craps. The two basic types of craps Proposition bets are the hard way bet and the single-roll bet. You can make or cancel both these bets any time you want.

The Hard way Proposition bet in craps concerns only four numbers – 4, 6, 8, and 10. This bet works when the shooter rolls out a 6 that is actually 2+2, a 6 that is 3+3, an 8 that is 4+4, and a 10 that is 5+5. So what are the conditions that you have to fulfill to win a Hard way Proposition bet in craps? For you to win, the shooter would have to throw the hard version of the number you chose – 4, 6, 8, or 10 – before the easy version (e.g. an easy version of 4 or ‘easy 4’ would be 3+1) and before the 7.

The single-roll craps Proposition bet, as the name suggests, works for just a single roll of the dice. There are different kinds of single-roll craps Proposition bets, such as Any Craps, Eleven, Hop, Whirl, Horn, Big Six, and Big Eight.

More about the Proposition Bet in Craps

When you win a craps Proposition bet, you have to ask for the original amount you bet; or else this money is not returned with your winnings. The amount you bet originally remains on the table for the next roll, and if you want to skip the next roll, you need to inform the dealer accordingly. This is true for single-roll bets as well as hard way bets.

There is also a minimum amount that you can bet while playing craps. How much you can place as a craps Proposition bet for a particular roll depends literally on the minimum bet being accepted at the table. For tables that have a minimum of $2, $3, $5, or $10, the craps Proposition bet minimum is $1. For a higher denomination table, the value is higher. E.g. for a $25 table, the minimum proposition bet is $5.