An Introduction to Craps Bets

One of the basic aspects of a craps game is the betting types. There are different kinds of craps bets you can place during the course of a game. There are sections marked out on the craps table where you can place your bet. Before you wager on craps table, you must know the different types of bets involved and how these work.

Learning about the different types of craps bets is not something you can do over a couple of hours, because there are a huge number of craps betting types. For starters, you can go to a website or pick up a book and learn about the different craps betting types. Over time, you will be able to increase your knowledge sufficiently.

An even better way is to supplement what you learn in your tutorial with watching, and possibly even participating, in live craps games. With the basic background already obtained from your tutorial, learning about the different types of craps bets – Pass Line, Don’t Pass Bar 12, etc. becomes that much easier once you watch players during a game and then join a game.

The Different Craps Betting Types

There are many different types of craps bets, and it will not be literally possible to list and also explain all of them in this single article. What we’ll do in this article is list out the major kinds of craps bets and each betting type with thoroughly explained individually

Some of the major types of craps bets are line bets, roll bets, and player bets. Each of these betting types has other types of bets as well. For instance, line bets include pass line bets, don’t pass line bets, pass odds, don’t pass odds, come bets, and don’t come bets.

Roll bets include;

  • single roll bets: 2 (Snake Eyes, or Aces),
  • 3 (ace-deuce),
  • Yo
  • 12 (boxcars, also called midnight)
  • 2 or 12 (hi-lo)
  • Any Craps
  • C & E
  • Any seven
  • field bets
  • The Horn
  • Whirl or World
  • On The Hop

Multi-roll bets include;

  • Hard ways
  • Easy ways
  • Big 6 and Big 8
  • Place and Buy
  • Lay

Player bets, on the other hand, include the Fire Bet.

To receive further insight into these betting types we have written an article on each particular bet.