An Introduction to Don’t Come Bets in Craps

As the name suggests, the Don’t Come bet in craps is diametrically opposite to the Come bet, which is discussed in an article in this guide. Players commonly refer to this bet as the DC bet.

The craps Don’t Come bet is very similar to the Don’t Pass Line bet. The major difference between the Don’t Come bet in craps and the Don’t Pass Line bet is that you can make a Don’t Pass Line bet on come out, but that is not possible for a craps Don’t Come bet; you can make this bet only after a point has been made. Other than this, everything between the two types of bets is similar – the house odds, rules, and others.

More about the Craps Don’t Come Bet

Basically, when you place a Don’t Come bet, you are wagering that the shooter will roll the 7 ahead of the number on which you have placed the bet, i.e. you are hoping for a 7-out. As you can understand, this may not exactly win you a popularity contest, because you would be betting against the stream, against the interests of people who placed a Come bet.

Placing this bet you will need to wager your chips in the box on the craps table titled Don’t Come Bar 12. When you win a Don’t Come bet in craps, you have the option of collecting the money or letting it remain, thereby making that the amount for a fresh craps Don’t Come bet.

Winning and Losing a Craps Don’t Come Bet

So when do you win or lose a craps don’t Come bet? As you know already a Don’t Come bet in craps applies on the first roll of the dice. You win when the shooter rolls a 2 or a 3 on the first roll. If the shooter throws a 12, the situation results in a standoff and you can annul the bet if you want.

Apart from the numbers mentioned above, the numbers 4 through 6 and 8 through 10 are the left out ones and if the shooter rolls any of these numbers, the dealer moves your bet from the designated location on the table to the number that the dealer has rolled, and places it in the small box behind that number. The dealer does this so he can track your bets.

In the scenario mentioned in the above paragraph, you stand to win if the shooter throws a 7 ahead of the number behind which your craps Don’t Come bet is positioned. You lose the bet if the shooter rolls the number behind which your bet is positioned ahead of the 7, and the dealer then removes your bet from the table, calling out ‘Down Behind.’