How does a Bonus Code work?

Once you have a bonus code you can receive the reward it promises by signing up with the online casino it is for. Most casinos will require that you download their software and register in order to use this kind of bonus. You need to create a real money account and also make an initial deposit. The bonus code is also usually an exclusive offer for the new player and you most likely won’t be able to cash this bonus in if you have played with the casino previously. Even if it was a very long time since you last played with them, online casinos are very good at keeping track of their clients so you shouldn’t bother to try and snatch yourself this bonus as a returning player.

Just like with the regular casino bonuses, an online casino bonus code can’t be immediately cashed in. You will first have to wager the required amount. Always make sure to know just how many times you have to play before you count on any bonus amount in cash.

Where can I find the Online Casino Bonus Codes?

There are many online casino forums that give out coupons and bonus codes on a regular basis. You are probably already a member of at least one such forum. If you aren’t and you are only now discovering this possibility of receiving further bonus as a new player you will be happy to know that there are even forums informing where to find the previously mentioned forums, forums to find the forums that is. Just make sure not to confuse the codes with the already existing bonus offers by the online casino. It might appear as these are special bonuses when entering a website presenting the casino but if it isn’t you might want to take another spin around the net to find additional promotions.

Who will benefit from the codes?

The codes are of interest to both the player and the casino not to mention the forums or news websites that keep their content updated with the latest from the online casino world. At the end of the day the online casino gambler is probably the one that will enjoy the codes the most. Not only because they offer an additional bonus when he tries a new casino out, but also because they are many times accompanied by news that might give additional reason to follow their lead. For the serious online casino gambler it is a great service to be able to see all the different casino bonus offers together in a forum. Not only can he compare and decide where it is worthwhile to play, he can also find out more details about the new casino he is about to play in. This way he will know for sure if it has the games he likes and if the bonus code is worth his efforts.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28