How do I receive the Comp Points?

The basic workings of online casino comp points are that the more you play the better is your reward. A new player usually starts to receive the points, and becomes a member of the online casino comp points program, from his very first game so you don’t have to worry about applying for them. Depending on the online casino, your points will translate into cash according to a specific table. Online casinos usually outline clearly just how many points you need for what amount and when you will able to cash it out. You should also be aware that not all online casino gambling will give an equal amount of points. Different games are rewarded differently and this is a crucial thing to know if you are seriously in it for the points.

Does it matter where I play?

Most online casino comp programs are similar in how many points you need to make a certain amount of cash or score a specific prize. What you should keep in mind is to find out what the terms are before you start counting on any points. Although the points are a standard practice today, the possible benefits from them can greatly vary from online casino to online casino. It all depends on the profile of the casino and what kind of clientele they are turning to. Some people find set prizes such as DVD-Players and other technical hardware more attractive than actual cash money. If you like to have the maximum cash from the minimum points you need to find this type of casino. This might mean that other bonuses are less attractive but for the player looking for points in specific this shouldn’t matter too much. The aim of the points is to make sure that you know what is available before settling for any one online casino. In order to make the most of the online casino comp points you’ll have to stay around at one casino for a longer period. Make sure it truly is a casino that you like.

What is in it for me?

To some these online casino comp points are viewed as extra money. If this is to be the case to you depends on what kind of player you are. It is quite clear that a comp points program is of most interest a player who wagers a lot and thereby collects a lot of points. But even the occasional player that mostly plays for the fun can see the charm of the points. Knowing that each game gives you extra credit is a good feeling and the sum of it all could lead to even more fun online casino gambling. So whether you are looking for the cash or purely for the gambling itself the points are of interest to you and should enhance your gaming greatly.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28