How does it work?

The main difference between an online casino sticky and a non-sticky bonus lies in its cash out properties. A non-sticky bonus might require 20 times of wagering before it can be cashed out but with an online casino that gives a sticky bonus you might only have to wager 4 times. So what is the catch? Should you decide to cash out your money after those 4 times of wagering you can do so but minus the initial bonus that you received from the casino? Another type of sticky bonus has the advantage of always being available as long as your account stays active.
An online casino sticky bonus is a great advantage as it lets you start to play with more money. Sticky bonuses are usually much larger than the normal type of non-sticky bonuses. It is not unusual to find sticky bonuses of 300% and more.

What’s in it for you?

A special feature of the sticky bonus that is quite common is that its wagering requirement can be fulfilled by all games. You don’t need to keep track of what games are OK but can enjoy yourself with the online casino gambling that you enjoy the most.
With a larger amount in your account and only a few wagering times required you could make some great money not to mention that you can spread your bet more freely. You can choose to play with small bets in the Slots or wager a larger amount in a table game.
If you can stand the threat of loosing a lot of money and you’re having a better time taking risks you will enjoy an online casino with sticky bonuses.

How to decide, Sticky or non-Sticky Bonus?

Playing with a sticky bonus means to take a greater risk in the sense that you might be tempted to put in a larger deposit to begin with to fully enjoy this generous bonus. You risk losing a larger amount of money on the one hand, but also stand a chance of winning an even greater sum. The sticky bonus, making your amount to play with larger, also enables you to better spread your money between different bets. If you choose the constant type of sticky bonus you always have this option of an increased amount to play with. Hence, the sticky bonus is better suited to the adventurous and the non-sticky bonus to the average player mainly focused on the fun of the game. The non-sticky bonus is also a great boost to the original deposit but it doesn’t make loosing as hard.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2007-08-28