How does the Loyalty Bonus work?

All online casinos want regular loyal players that keep coming back ready to play more and with larger bets. The loyalty bonus rewards this kind of play in that many and large bets give a better bonus.
One kind of loyalty bonus are the points rewarded in almost every online casino today. The points are usually given out at the start of the very first game and the more points the greater the bonus. This way any player that places large and many bets will be rewarded accordingly.
Another type of loyalty bonus is the inclusion in an Online Casino Loyalty or VIP Program. Not only does this, as mentioned above, give points for gaming but it also provides a chance to receive special offers exclusive to the regular players. This makes the gaming more exciting as the Online Casino Loyalty Bonuses can come as surprises. The player not only enjoys the freshness and entertainment of new bonuses but also gets a better chance to make greater winnings than the occasional visitor.
Apart from the surprises, the loyal player receives weekly and monthly bonuses that can be in the form of added cash money to play with.

Collecting points

When you start as a newbie in an online casino offering an online casino points program you are most likely to start receiving the points from your very first game. The question is just what games will actually collect you points. You should make sure to know the terms for points before you start counting on them. Perhaps your favorite online casino game isn’t included and then you might want to try an online casino with a different angle to their loyalty bonus. It is also of importance to make sure you know just how the points will translate into cash. If they will be traded into prizes of different kind you should check whether these winnings are attractive to you or not.

How to get VIP Status

In most online casinos the status of VIP can be received from start. To become an esteemed VIP person in an online casino all you really have to do is engage yourself in a lot of online casino gambling and place nice size of bets. It doesn’t mean that only people with the ability to make large online casino deposits have a chance to attain this status. An average player can also reach it if he just sticks to the same casino and makes regular bets. Basically, anyone willing to work hard can reach this VIP status. For the online casino gambler this is hardly viewed as hard work as he enjoys his gambling and the VIP status only enhances the experience.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2007-08-28