How does it work?

To receive the online casino Refer-A-Friend Bonus you need to, first of all, have at least one friend that shares your interest in online casino gambling. If you manage to persuade this friend to join your favorite online casino you are in a position to receive this bonus. As soon as the online Casino receives your friend’s first deposit you will be rewarded. If it is a generous Refer-A-Friend Bonus your friend will also receive a reward for following your lead. There are even Online Casino Refer-A-Friend Programs that will let you invite several friends and invite them all to an interactive game with you.

Find the best Refer-A-Friend Bonus

If you take a spin around the different online casinos you will soon realize that the Refer-A-Friend Bonus can be a nice but mediocre plus to your online gaming or a really good deal. Sometimes this bonus is set to a specific amount no matter how much your friend will deposit. Other times the amount your friend chooses to deposit will determine how much your reward will be. With other words, it does pay off to check out what online casino Refer-A-Friend Bonuses are available. At least if you do have a large group of friends and think that they would like to join you in your favorite online pastime activity.

What’s in it for you?

At first glance an Online Casino Refer-A-Friend Bonus looks mostly like good for the casino itself. For sure you are rewarded each time a friend of yours actually signs up and deposits money but still that doesn’t seem like something to move heaven and earth for. The thing is that most people share their hobbies with their friends so too people engaged in online casino gaming. At the same time as you are having a good time gambling you also have the opportunity to build a personal network with like minded people. The online casino chat rooms is just one example of how the gambling can be paired with social activity creating friendships worldwide. Now, what do your friends have to do with this? By making sure to play in an environment where most of your friends also play you actually affect the general atmosphere of the online casino to better suit your personality. When you or a friend make a win it is surely nice that the new friends in the chat room cheer you on, but isn’t it also a cool thing to be able to share this joy in real life outside the gaming arena? To sum it up, not only is the Refer-A-Friend Bonus a nice addition to the other bonuses you receive but it is also a beautiful way to share your past time fun with the people you care the most about.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2007-08-28