When the Welcome Bonus means you have to Reload

If you ever wondered how some online casinos can offer such huge welcome bonuses in cash here is your answer; the reload bonus. In order to receive the big bonus sum offered at the casino entrance you not only have to deposit the maximum amount possible you also have to deposit several times. It usually works so that you’ll receive a 100% match bonus with your first deposit. With your second online casino deposit you then drop down to a match bonus of 25%. The third deposit takes you to a 50% bonus to finally be back at a 100% with your fourth deposit. Needless to say, this new player bonus will be cashed out by the regular player as the gambling must go on for a while to make all deposits needed to receive the complete bonus. You could either see it as a very generous welcome bonus or as a smart way to ensure that you will keep on reloading your account.

Special Reload Bonuses

Sometimes online casinos will have special Bonus Days when a reload of your account will bring in extra cash to play with. This, of course, is a way to keep the gambling fun and exciting for the regulars as well as to show the new comers that it pays off to stick around. It is surely a nice feature when the casino will grant you a reload bonus on your birthday or just as a surprise on a regular day.
Some casinos have regular reload bonuses each month which enhance the online casino gambling for all their players, old and new alike. This type of reload is either offered in percent as a match bonus or in cash. Both ways relate the same way to the deposit that you make so they are really equal in how they will enlarge your original amount.

What is in it for me?

For the serious online casino gambler a reload is a must to keep the gambling going. If you reload a lot you certainly will benefit from the steady reload bonuses offered by some casinos. This will let you play more and will give you a chance to greater winnings. It also shows some good will from the casino. Given that you invest so much in their establishment it is only right that your deposits should merit some bonus. Even if you aren’t in it so much for the money as for the fun you will surely appreciate that your money becomes a bit more worth. It should give any player a feeling of satisfaction and more interest in making more deposits.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28