Leisure and Gaming PLC Appoints Richard Creed to Company Board

On May 13th, 2008, Leisure and Gaming PLC has designated Richard Creed to the company board as its finance director, replacing former finance director Michael Baird. Leisure and Gaming PLC is a holding organization that focuses mainly on online wagering and the gambling industry. Its main interests is composed of Internet and retail sports wagering service, BetShop Italia, the Pan-European Internet sports wagers, casino and poker interest BetShop.com, mobile and Internet football information service GoalsLive.com and Internet casino site Acropolis Casino.

The organization’s main goal is on up and coming markets like Italy and Central and Eastern Europe. Its subsidiaries have branches in Great Britain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Romania. Fifty-two year old Creed, was a former financial director of BetonSports PLC and a partner of Casson Beckman, now with Baker Tilly. He is also an accountant with a vast experience with the gambling industry and corporate finance.

Mr. Neil Craven has been appointed to corporate board as a non-executive director. Benjamin Shaw has resigned from his post as a non-executive director. Craven, who is also a shareholder in the organization, has a vast experience at the senior management level in telecommunications and fund management. He is also an investor on minimum-cap equities.

The chief executive of Leisure and Gaming PLC, Henry Birch commented the Creed’s vast experience in the gaming industry and his twenty-five years of experience in corporate finance and accountancy would be a huge advantage for the company and would greatly benefit its management. Baird and Shaw has an active role regarding the restructuring of the gaming organization in the past 18 months.