Fairway Casino offers players Live Dealer Roulette

Visionary iGaming and Fairway Casino have launched Live Irish roulette with real professional dealers, which is an outstanding attraction for roulette amateurs.

Visionary iGaming (ViG) has launched its live dealer roulette recently which is now available for players at Fairway Casino. The event created a lot of fuss.

Sporting Emporium Private Casino Club in Dublin, a live and operating casino in Dublin has provided dealers for this fabulous live roulette game. The dealers are all professionals and courteous and this game is much more attracting and fascinating due to the fact that all the action will be streamed live from an existing casino, not from a studio, like in many other live casinos. This makes both the casino and the game very attracting for all players.

The new game at Fairway Casino, Live Dealer Roulette will be available for players between specified hours and that is from 6pm to 6am, UTC time. This tie interval covers the peak traffic hours and it is most suitable for all European players. The dealer staff has a high professional preparation and is able to answer all questions and provide every necessary advice through an enabled chat feature.

Unlike playing live roulette at a standard online casino, Live Irish Roulette at Fairway Casino offers players a more rich gaming experience and thanks to the efforts of one of the best gaming operators like Visionary iGaming, it is all available within a click from the comfort of your house.

All roulette enthusiasts are warmly advised to head straight to Fairway Casino for a unique live roulette experience.  Try it out and maybe the Irish luck will smile on your side too.