Former BetonSports CEO David Carruthers Free On Bail in BetOnSports Case

The former CEO of the online gambling company, BetonSports, walked free on a $1 million bond on Wednesday, August 16th, after spending almost a month in jail following his arrest in Texas by federal authorities on charges of racketeering and fraud.

48 year-old David Carruthers was released following a hearing before US District Judge, Mary Ann Medler. Carruthers was expected to have been released by Monday, however technical details took days to work out. One such detail is the dedicated phone line that had to be installed where he will be staying.

Carruthers is ordered to remain in the St. Louis area until his trial. Carruthers, under the terms of his bond, will have to live at a hotel in the suburb, Clayton. He will only be allowed to leave the hotel during court appearances, meetings with his attorney or medical emergencies.

Likewise, Judge Medler ruled that Carruthers’ home-incarceration is a 24-hour a day ordeal.

The case against Carruthers is one of the largest U.S. prosecutions of an online gambling company. The high-profile arrest has caused BetOnSports to shut all of its U.S.-focused operations.

U.S. Attorney, Catherine Hanaway said that she will continue the case against BetOnSports even with the company’s decision to close its offices and stop accepting U.S.-based bets.


February 05, 2007