Delaware Gaming Commission Disputes New Casino Gaming Expansion Study

A new study has been produced that shows that there would be great financial gains for Delaware should the state allow the construction of two new casino facilities. But the state Gaming Commission disputes that claim.

The state Commission voted on January 13th, 2010 to place a footnote to the conclusion that was found in the new gaming study. The footnote would contradict the results of the study, which is that it would benefit Delaware to add the new gaming establishments.

The criticism from the state Gaming Commission came because they are concerned about the possibility of employment losses if the new casino facilities are constructed. The existing gaming locations in Delaware, namely the racing track casinos, would be severely affected by any new gambling development in Delaware.

The gaming study concluded that, indeed, the racing track casinos would be affected by the new gaming facilities, but it also concluded that the racing tracks would not be forced out of business. The state Gaming Commission disputes this conclusion.

State legislators are studying the possibility of casino expansion but several of these legislators will only move forward with the gaming expansion idea if there was no financial effect on the existing gaming facilities. Clearly, this is not possible, leaving a chance that the casino expansion proposal could now be over.

The northeastern part of the United States has been experiencing a wave of casino gaming expansion in the past few years. The states of New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania all made strong pushes to lure customers away from Atlantic City.