Six Missouri Casinos Posted Profit Losses for the Month of September

On October 13th, 2008, profit at the six local casino facilities slide down by 3.6% in September compared with the same period last year, according to the brand new figures posted by the Missouri Gaming Commission and Illinois Gaming Board. Casino enthusiasts, more concerned about scaling down discretionary spending amid a weakening economy, spent $80.3 million in September, drop 3.6 percent from $83.3 million in September 2007.

The President Casino also suffered profit losses when it had to shutdown on September 16th-September 21st due to flooding. The Argosy casino earned $7.1 million in profits in September; slide down by 31 percent from $10.3 million last year. Casino Queen earned $13.4 million in profits, down by 26 percent from $18.2 million a year ago.

Harrah’s Entertainment earned $23.6 million in September, down by eight percent from $25.6 million. Lumiere Place had $12.6 million in revenue in September. It opened in December 2007. Ameristar had $22 million in revenue in September, down by nine percent from $24.2 million a year ago. The President Casino brought in $1.6 million in profit, down from $5 million , or 69% a year ago. It had to shutdown during September due to flooding.