Tribal Casino Resort Planned in Fresno California

On March 29, 2007, the plans for a gambling casino facility in Fresno, California are on the drawing board as an agreement was finalized between the American Vantage Cos. and the Big Sandy Rancheria Tribe, owned by the Western Mono Indians. A timeline for the construction of the project has not been released yet.

The American Vantage Subsidiary Brownstone LLC signed both the development and credit agreement with Big Sandy Rancheria Tribe, which is currently working on building a resort, casino and spa back in 2004, according to the details of the tribe’s online site. The Big Sandy Band of Western Mono Indians started developing the resort into their own vision.

The Western Mono Tribe is currently managing the Mono Wind Casino located in Auberry, California. The casino can be found 10 miles northeast of the proposed site. At the recommendation made by the American Vantage Subsidiary Brownstone LLC, the Western Mono Tribe is currently looking for a good investment banking organization as their partner. Group West Cos. will be in charge of the main planning, architectural, engineering and the interior of the casino.

Brownstone will construct the casino with RFG Gaming and the Hospitality LLC, which is a company that offers corporate finance, architecture and interior design, construction and operation of the planned casino. The RFG Gaming and Hospitality LLC has 3 decades of experience in corporate affairs regarding the management of the resort/hotel casino.

As of the moment, the American Vantage is in the middle of talks about the different gaming activities that are both tribal related and non-tribal. The Western Mono Indian Tribe may bring better opportunities in the area, according to the Center for California Native Nations from the University of California-Riverside.