Greater Moncton Commission Discusses Moncton Casino Location

On August 6th, 2008, the Moncton Casino project were discussed before the Greater Moncton Planning District Commission at meeting held around 6:00 p.m. in the council chambers of Moncton City Hall. If all goes well for the casino supporters, the meeting would yield the final location for the casino. Details of the $90 million casino project were announced in July. The casino is to be constructed on a forty-four acre land located off Mountain Road between Sunshine Drive and Charles Lutes Road in the Magnetic Hill area. The main entrance to the location can be found at the Petro-Canada station and the Amsterdam Inn.

The location design includes three facilities connected by walkways. One facility featuring a 128 room hotel, one casino and a Palladium that features a casino establishment and entertainment space that can accommodate 1,500 people. The casino has a lighthouse them and will feature a real lighthouse at the center of the casino. One of the three request filed before the planning commission for approval is the request to permit more than one main building on the location as well as to permit more than two driveway entrances and the construction of a facility of more than 4,700 square meters.

Another issue is the several variances requested by the Sonco Gaming New Brunswick Limited, the company picked by the province to construct the casino, like exceeding the maximum required width for the entrances and exits of the casino and the required maximum building height. The 3rd issue up for approval is expected to generate the most buzz at the public meeting.

Bill Budd, the executive director of the Greater Moncton Planning District Commission said that there is a subdivision application which creates a brand new street system into the land to give access to the hotel and casino and Palladium construction. He added that the subdivision also makes lands for public purposes for a buffer area that they are planning to make behind a number of residential areas along Sunshine Drive and Ryan Road.

The plans also include a secondary access route to the property by extending the Muirfield Drive. The casino will open on 2010. The casino will feature slot machines, eight poker tables and twenty casino table games like craps and others.