Playtech's VideoBet Steps Into The Mobile Gaming Industry

Playtech has continually asserted its intention of expanding its operations to the areas of mobile gaming and mobile gambling, and it is now closer to fulfilling this goal than ever. Playtech recently announced that its subsidiary, VideoBet signed a long-term license agreement, with one of Mexico’s leading casino operators, Entretenimiento De Mexico (EMex).

VideoBet provides a platform for Playtech’s management of video-based gaming machines, which are mostly found in casinos, betting shops, hotels and cruise ships. In this 3 year contract, EMex will combine VideoBet’s mobile gaming platform with the gaming machines it currently operates, as well as the ones it will have in the future.

Meanwhile, EMex currently operates 12 game rooms with 4,000 gaming machines. The Mexican casino operator plans to multiply its game rooms by the year 2008, and increase the number of gaming machines to 15,000 by 2010.

According to Playtech, EMex can certainly expect to strengthen its presence in the departments of mobile gambling and video based gaming via Playtech’s products, by marketing online casino games and mobile games for the entire Mexican market.

In addition, by the year’s end, Playtech anticipates that mobile casino gambling games will reach cellphones in Korea and Japan, where mobile gaming is well-liked already.