Problems Arise Regarding the Pennsylvania Casino Vote Fix

With the recent developments on March 30, 2007, it looks as if Philadelphia residents will have their voices heard on May 15, 2007 primary elections regarding the casino issue, but it remains to be seen whether the courts will listen to the resident’s general consensus or not.

Critics of the casino plans have lobbied hard to put the casino question on the May 15th ballot. It cleared a big block last March 30th when the City Council overwhelmingly overrode the veto made by Mayor Street on the law which will ask the voters in the area to restrict gambling casinos from within 1,500 ft from homes, churches, parks and schools.

If passed, the amendment would not allow the construction of the Foxwoods or the SugarHouse casino facilities in the areas previously approved by the states near the Delaware River. It would also seriously limit the sites to only a few locations where the casinos could be built, which most casino supporters call unreasonable.

However the amendment can also mean absolutely nothing. The question will certainly be decided by the state Supreme Court and many people, like Mayor Street, say that the court may decide that Philadelphia does not have the constitutional power to override the state’s decision regarding gaming issues no matter what the voters decide.