Gambling Highlights of Hungary, Italy and Germany

Schleswig Holstein, the German state recently formed its own gambling regime. It has been approved by the European Commission. When the proceedings were taking place, Schleswig Holstein seemed to be the only one of 15 German states to form a separate EC approved gambling regime. But one more German state seems to be following the footsteps of Schleswig Holstein. There are rumors about Saxony forming its separate gambling regime. Having an approach of formulating modern gambling regulations, Saxony stated that the remaining German states are not following the correct path as the proposals formulated by these states have been rejected by EC already.

Italy is already experiencing the benefits of new online gambling regulations. Online casinos of Italy witnessed their valuations to rise significantly. The domain of was recently bought by I-Promotions Limited with €65,000. is also on an offer for sale, and so is As estimated by a consultancy firm, Trust Partners, the revenues of Italian casino industry stands at €800 million this year.

Hungary witnesses some progress in lieu of the proposed gambling regulations of the country. A proposal for amending taxes has been submitted by the Fidesz party. The proposal states that permits will be provided to operators of online gambling, after receiving which the operators will have to pay a 20% tax on their gross revenues. The new regulation in this regard will come into effect from 2012 January.