With the growth of the online casino market, new portals about the online gambling industry have emerged all over the place. These sites provide information about different online casinos and guide players in choosing between different software providers, online casino operators, and casino games. VegasMaster.com represents one such example, but sets itself apart as an excellent resource for gamblers of all kinds.

The website primarily focuses on reviewing different online casinos, casino games, casino software, and casino payment methods. Each VegasMaster review ranks the brand based on different parameters, so that users can get a quick overall opinion. In addition, the right side of the pages include an overview of the most important information such as the countries where the brand is available, the software operator, contact information, features, bonuses, etc. Many readers don’t have the time or attention span to go in too deep with these reviews, so VegasMaster knows how to cut to the chase on their site.

For those looking for more details, the articles also contain a thorough and unbiased review of each brand. Although, many of the VegasMaster reviews show the brand in a positive light, the writers at VegasMaster aren’t afraid to call it like it is and let the readers know if there’s something they don’t like. This really stands apart from other online casino sites because unlike the others, VegasMaster provides an honest opinion, not just another fluff piece.

When it comes to casino games, VegasMaster reviews definitely emphasize online slot machines, although the site does include some information on other games such as card or table games. It’s also obvious that the staff behind VegasMaster has industry experience. As an added value, the website comes available in 11 different languages and doesn’t just cater to one market. The reviews also contain features like demo games and screenshots to give a more interactive experience.

Many online casino portals out there have very active forums to learn about different blacklisted casinos or to discuss news. VegasMaster’s site is still growing in this regard. While they do have a forum, it doesn’t have some of the user activity found on other sites. However, VegasMaster really triumphs by providing such a large amount of content. If there’s a casino brand or game out there, players will find it here. Not only that, but The VegasMaster Casino Guide makes a fantastic resource for players. This makes an especially great source for those new to online casinos or anyone looking for some guidance in gambling online. In this way, VegasMaster still serves as an excellent site for players.

VegasMaster has some rather unique sections of their website that make this site stand apart. First of all, the Entertainment articles tell some pretty funny and amusing gambling stories. For example, The Sports Stars’ Crazy Gambling Stories article made for an especially great read.

VegasMaster.com also features quite a few articles that countdown the industry’s best in casinos based on a whole host of categories such as TV Show Slot Machines, USA Casinos, UK Casinos, PayPal Casinos, and many more. This really serves directly to their reader by giving good examples of where to find the things they want the most from online gaming. Another similar feature is the Casino Genie in which players fill in a short quiz to find the right gambling site based on their preferences.

More importantly, VegasMaster.com has tons of bonus codes available for players. Scrolling across the VegasMaster homepage, readers will come across a variety of First Deposit Bonus codes exclusively available through the site.

In short, VegasMaster.com may have recently joined the online gambling community, but their international staff of gambling experts clearly did their homework. They keep the site up to date daily with high quality content with an unbiased look at the industry that lacks at other online gambling portals.