WinADay Casino Asks Slot Players for Their Opinions on New Game

WinADay Casino is inviting slot players to share their opinions regarding the development of its latest slot game.   This slot game will be the 30th original slot title to be featured at the casino.

WinADay first asked players what theme they would like featured in the new game.  The theme that received the most votes was a house pet theme.  With the theme chosen, the two new questions players have been asked are: How many paylines should the new slot have?  What types of bonus features should be included?

WinADay Casino’s manager, Michael Hilary, said that they are always interested in hearing the ideas of their players.  Their players have helped to shape the evolution of the casino over the years and WinADay is very excited that their players will have been the ones to create their new slot game.

WinADay Casino players interested in sharing their opinion about the new slot can do so by visiting the casino’s Facebook page.