White Hall and Country Crossing Entertainment Postpones Opening Due to Alabama Gaming Issue

While the political machines surrounding the gaming issue continued on March 24th, 2010 in Alabama, two casino facilities have decided to postpone the re-opening of their establishments. Country Crossings and White Hall Entertainment will delay their re-opening a little longer.

Officials for both casino have to decide to wait until the court decide whether Attorney General Troy King’s take over of the Task Force on Illegal Gambling is legal or not. Governor Robert Riley is questioning Attorney General Troy King’s takeover.

Governor Riley started the Task Force late in 2008 and spent most of last year watching the organization raid gaming establishments across the state. Last week, King warned Gov. Riley that he may be taking over the group if they did not agree to future raid procedures.

Riley would not agree to the demands of King and earlier this week, the Attorney General announced that he would be taking over the reins of the group. He also relieved John Tyson Jr. from his position as the leader of the Task Force.

Country Crossings started preparing to re-open but on Wednesday decided to wait for a while and see what will happen. The casino facility has been closed for almost two months now. Aside from that, Senator Roger Bedford again was trying to gain enough support to push a revised bingo gaming expansion bill through the state legislature.

However, Republican legislators vowed to once again block the proposal. Bedford’s last proposal was opposed by 16 Senators. Although Bedford has 18 votes in favor of the gaming proposal, it takes 21 votes to have the Senate start debate on the bill.